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Treasure hunter: We select brands for you with strong differentiating potential whose talent has caught our attention.
It is obvious for us to propose and defend high performance, genuine products, manufactured according to the rules of the art with quality raw materials.


Be unusual, be unique, be Palladium. The spirit and excellence of Italian design for your living room. Iconoclastic design, impeccable quality, Palladium design shows its style.


Ness wanted to respond to the issues of our time.

The brand is aimed at zappers, those hairdressers who want to change their salon layout regularly without breaking the bank, entrepreneurs with limited budgets, and all those who wish to have a real answer on the notion of service and warranty. Well designed and economical, ness furniture is easy to live with, combining ergonomics, functionality and comfort, because a low pricing policy does not exclude quality and style.

Innovative Eco Head

The ECOHEADS showerhead is an amazing new product for the professional salon

  • Reduces water & energy usage by up to 65%
  • Increases water pressure
  • Removes sediment, rust, and sand

ECOHEADS provide smart products with unique designs that utilize the hairstylist’s time, finance and client service. We are dedicated to conserving our environment and introducing our industry to more environmentally friendly solutions for a sustainable future. We have made it our mission to provide innovative products that will:

  • Enhance the client experience
  • Improve stylists’ well-being
  • Ensure positive change around the world

Perfect Mix, Every Time

The Ping Colour Blender is the ultimate professional tool for serious colorists. The Ping perfectly blends colour, tint, shades and lightener in an air-tight bowl, enhancing the colour performance by mixing to manufacturers recommendations. Impossible to replicate by hand, this innovative tool creates the perfect consistency, giving a smoother application and enhancing the volume of the product saving you up to 30% of the product used and also cutting down wastage by up to 25%.


A family business that manufactures French furniture for beautiful spaces. Today Cindarella strikes the right balance between the past, listening to its customers’ needs and the evolution of today’s market. With a key priority: to offer quality designer furniture with character.


1st brand in the world of professional hair dryers made in France. For 80 years Velecta Paramount® Paris has been designing, manufacturing and marketing high performance, environmentally-friendly hair dryers that respect the working conditions of the most demanding professionals and the most knowledgeable consumers all over the world.


An expertise in hair ornament and a sense of creation and style.

Faithful to traditional craftsmanship, Alexandre de Paris creations pay homage to and enhance elegance the French way: this sense of detail, this little sophisticated touch that lifts an outfit by enhancing a hairstyle… The company celebrates the modern woman and contemporary romanticism; Beautiful by day, queen by night, Parisian, bohemian, sophisticated, relaxed… Whatever the mood of the moment, Alexandre de Paris accessories boost hair and go with any look.

This iconic brand, in the current accessory trend, can be sold at your luxury hairdressing salons and in department/concept stores.


HeadBed is the brand new, unique and truly innovative head and neck support cushion that finally solves the problem of discomfort for customers using the washing basin at the salon. Our headbed is universal and can be adapted to all types of basins.

HeadBed is a small platform integrated into a rubber cushion that rests on a salon basin. It helps to place customers in the best position when using the basin as it is designed to support the head at its heaviest point.

Our HeadBed supports the weight of the head, under the occipital bone, like a golf ball on a tee. As a result, your customers can relax and enjoy shampoos, treatments and post-treatments before the service without discomfort or pain.


“The Gharieni Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of premium-quality spa tables, treatment beds and equipment for resort spas, wellness centers, aesthetic practices and medical offices.

Exclusive innovations combined with modern design and outstanding quality using only premium materials, with the flexibility to design according to individual client needs is the driving force and impetus at Gharieni.

Gharieni is more than just a manufacturer of wellness equipment. From initial inception to completion, Gharieni has qualified experts oversee each and every step of design and fine-tune to craft only the most rigorous and sustainable products on the market.”


30 years of manufacturing of superior quality scissors made in Japan and Designed in Paris. Ayaka is pride ourselves in the simplicity of their designs yet delivering Japanese craftsmanship in its finest form. The scissors are made of the top Japanese steel. Quality cuts that a barber or hairdresser can experience only with Ayaka scissors.

These scissors have earned the trust of hairdresser.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair to add to your collection or you’re just starting out, we have something to suit every budget. We have everything from standard straight handle designs, offset left handed models, thinning scissors and everything in between. Whatever type of scissor you’re looking for, we have something to suit your needs


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