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Our Team

Salon Designers


Chloe is our Marketing and product line manager. She is responsible for managing product development globally, overseeing the tools and services that enable our sellers build creative businesses and our clients to have excellent shopping experiences. Before joining Hair Beauty Network, she worked in strategy and business development at Bayer, focused on digital media growth. Chloe began her career at Azadea with a focus on media, telecom and technology businesses. She speaks French and English. She is passionate about history and fashion


Hala prides herself on her ability to learn about each of her client’s current businesses on a fundamental level, then working alongside clients to explore business goals and formulate a plan of action for a successful project. Her bottom-line: Bring a controlled passion to your project with a keen eye on your bottom-line. With over 20 years in sales, and 10 years in interactive marketing, Hala has successfully implemented and executed project plans for numerous brands from mid-size companies to large organizations such as Chalhoub, Chanel. She speaks English and Arabic. She is passionate about cooking and swimming.

Salon Designers
Salon Designers


Vanessa is the founder/ CEO of Hair and Beauty Network . She started the company in 2015, bringing 20 years of experience in design, beauty, management and business development.

Always on the look-out for trends and never short of ideas, she is constantly keeping up-to-date with the industry and brands. By creating HBN, she naturally wanted to share her network to offer you alternative brands and services for your business. She speaks French and English. She is passionate about product design and decoration.


With over 6 years experience supporting and organizing the big guns in both the corporate and public sectors, there isn’t an area of admin she hasn’t done before or can’t work out how to do. She delivers what you ask for showing creativity and initiative in the process. Mel loves a good spreadsheet and is partial to a bit of proofreading even when she’s not on duty. Learning the ins and outs of new processes and then tweaking them to be more efficient is her favorite way of helping businesses. Whenever she is not busy with helping customers ,she likes to play basketball, tennis, and board games.

Salon Designers


Shammi has over 8 years of experience working in professional after sales positions with a proven track record of excellent organizational skills in providing high-level support to C-level executives. He loves calendars and planners – anything to keep her executives organized and in check. Over the years, she has developed this skill of foresight, thinking critically, and offering solutions to problems with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.


Shainez has more than 7 years of experience in sales. She had worked with different companies and businesses in UAE, Europe . She is the person behind Client Care, our customer support system, making sure that every problems faced by the clients are being addressed and troubleshooted. Her experience also equipped her in supporting the team whenever needed. Her main focus has been establishing and strengthening the relationships with clients in order to best serve the needs of their business.