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The tonic colors crackle like fireworks in the Joie de vivre collection and generate an explosion of strong emotions that make us appreciate every moment of life. The colors of crystals sparkle on the bright tones of the Vendôme Coolitude clips. For this collection, our Design Studio has imagined a multicolored decor, in tutti frutti mode, which evokes both a jar of very regressive candy and a bouquet of balloons with joyful and colorful lightness. Like all Alexandre de Paris hair clips, Coolitude is very comfortable to use: its spring is both flexible for easy opening, resistant for impeccable hold and completely invisible. Paved with Swarovski crystals, Coolitude is the perfect fashion accessory to beautifully hold your hair back. This size is suitable for medium to thick hair.

Glossy, Full Strass

Color: Pink


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