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Since its very beginning, Maison Alexandre de Paris has been crafting hair accessories for the everyday life, with an outstanding quality. In our workshops between Lyon and Geneva, in France, our passionate craftspeople carry out their skilled expertise to work with acetate, a hair-friendly noble material with a natural heirloom, born from cotton flower and wooden pulp. A symbol of sensuality and lightness at once, Camellia is an iconic pattern of Maison Alexandre de Paris: while it is steadily reinvented throughout our seasonal collections, our Timeless collection features it in classic shades for those who are fond of its beautiful sobriety. The soft glow of its petals has appeared through a careful polishing that brought out the natural shine of acetate. Our craftsladies have embedded its heart with matching Swarovski crystals, by hand and with love. You will keep your Camélia A. during many years if you store it in its pouch and avoid hair spray or perfumes, as well as heavy heat. The Camélia A. hair barrette is perfect for a ponytail with normal hair or a half-up style with thicker hair.

Les Classiques

Color: Peach

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