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In the frozen darkness, details are fading away to retain the mere geometry of shapes. Surrounded by the cold and dark coat of the night, the Crépuscule Givré collection is a prequel to the long winter sleep. These receding days are translated into Intempérie, the new Pince Vendôme, our no-miss day-to-day fashion accessories for every woman. Meant as a genuine hair jewel, its body is covered in a sleek matte black finish. It comes in pitch black and deep blue, with a black A logo. As all Alexandre de Paris’ hair jaw clips, Intempérie is very comfortable to use: its spring is all at once soft for an easy opening and strong for a reliable holding, not to mention that it is completely invisible. Intempérie comes in two sizes : this one is fit for thin to medium dense hair.

Glossy, Plain

Color: Black


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