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Academy L’Oreal


The new Real Campus by L’Oréal is a professional hairdressing academy boasting all the amenities of a modern school. This exclusive site where the emphasis is on customer experience offers a new higher education route: a Bachelor’s degree in Hairdressing and Entrepreneurship, providing comprehensive training in the business of hairdressing. This vast Paris location was entirely remodelled to be unapologetically modern, attractive, learning-centred and fun, crossing over open-planned loft studio style with the conventions of new third places. Raw concrete floors bring minimalism and unity throughout the spaces while styling units and large displays made of untreated wood invite nature in. Central retail islands inspired by global beauty and hanging plants all combine to create a clean, bright and functional environment. Paired with Cindarella’s Palladium backwashes, timeless Emma stylish chairs in plexiglass blend effortlessly into their surroundings. Forest chairs with their lightweight and airy design add contemporary flair.