Five Essential Furniture For Your Hair Salon

Today in this article, I want to introduce you to the 5 essential salon equipment to open your hair salon. First of all, you have to be sure of your project, are you going to open a spa?, a Hair salon? , a Nail salon? . Then you need to know your budget and assess the space you have to put your Hair Salon furniture.

The first essential piece of equipment you need is the Backwash unit, make sure it is comfortable quality with good after sale services. A backwash unit that does not work can harm your turnover. The backwash unit will allow you to wash the hair of your clients. Hair Beauty Network has an invaluable selection of backwash units that are both comfortable and easy to use for your staff.

The second equipment is the famous styling chair, a styling chair is an essential corner for haircuts, brushings, it must be adjustable according to the size of the client and move in a comfortable way for the client and for the hairdresser. Hair Beauty Network offers you a wide choice of both modern and comfortable styling chairs

The third equipment is the styling unit with mirror which is really important where the client can watch the cut being made, the hairdresser can also view the progress of his work, Hair Beauty Network can also offer you a wide choice of styling unit with a mirror and a dryer rest with drawers.

Then to finish, the equipment you absolutely have to have in your salon is the pedicure Chair, essential to provide the nails service, We have our Uniko and Solis products which will allow you not only to do your services pedicure manicure but to do make up or eyebrows service thanks to its reclining chair.

All this equipment is essential to ensure a smooth operation in your hairdressing salon. All salon equipment is professional and created to make your client comfortable and your hairdresser provides the best service.