Manta Healthy Brushes Has Finally Come To The Middle East

Hairdresser, Entrepreneur and Inventor Tim Binnington created MANTA ® for his wife, Dani, who lost her hair as a result of a life- threatening illness. Combining more than 30 years of hands-on experience in professional hair salons with the latest materials and technology available, Tim spent more than 5 years designing, developing and perfecting the MANTA ® – a brush that is as gentle on your hair as running your fingers through it!

New Countryside And Clean Air Collection

The urban way of life showed its limits during the confinements. With the expansion of teleworking, we begin to dream of a calmer life, in the countryside, of a life where we would take our time to cultivate our garden and our well-being. Fresh and spontaneous like a great inspiration, the Desire for the Countryside and Fresh Air collection is a morning walk in the soft colors of an idyllic, peaceful and serene garden.

Beauty Salon Equipment

New Hair Dressing Scissors

At Hair Beauty Network, we guarantee you the best, stylish & professional hairdressing scissors. Hand crafted and forged from superior Japanese quality steel. Discover in exclusivity our 3 Favorite Scissors Ayaka to have in your Hair Salon.

New Brushes And Scissors Available

Pyrhus brushes are made of teak wood and a combination of boar and synthetic bristles. Handle has been carefully carved to prevent slippery when rotating the brushes into the hand. When curling hair, it is sometimes necessary to have dry hand in order to optimize the work. The holes that can be seen on the handle are made purposely to dry the hand (the hot blast from the hair dryer circulate into the brush and get to the hand through

Beauty salon equipment

Stay Safe, During

The concept of hair salon decoration is more than ever up to date. Indeed, what could be better than being able to exercise your profession with passion in a pleasant setting and in perfect adequacy with your requirements and your personality?


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