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Manta Healthy Brushes Has Finally Come To The Middle East

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Hairdresser, Entrepreneur and Inventor Tim Binnington created MANTA ® for his wife, Dani, who lost her hair as a result of a life- threatening illness. Combining more than 30 years of hands-on experience in professional hair salons with the latest materials and technology available, Tim spent more than 5 years designing, developing and perfecting the MANTA ® – a brush that is as gentle on your hair as running your fingers through it!

The vision?
To give everyone the confidence to care for their hair without damage or breakage. A brush as gentle as using fingertips — the new self-care ritual in hair. Ultra gentle for minimum hair breakage and maximum shine, MANTA ® Healthy. Hair Brush is suitable for all hair types, including fine, thick, curls, coils, fragile and extensions wearers.

During and following illness and periods of physiological stress, the hair is the first to reflect stress, becoming brittle and far more susceptible to breakage.
Psychologically, hair loss is cited as one of the most distressing symptoms of medical treatment.

A third of all adults (*Mintel) believe they are healthier than they were a year ago, reflecting the boom in health-related products and services. However, the growth in veganism has been linked to thinning hair especially for those who do not properly manage their protein, iron and vitamin B12 intake.

Highly-informed aficionados, prepared to invest time and money to find the best solution to achieve longer, fuller, healthier- looking locks. Constant change in styles, colour and extensions all impact the hair shaft quality, so gentle care is crucial

Whether for curls, coils, kinks or waves, women with textured hair spend 100% more per month on hair products. 91% of these women are constantly looking for new products to update their regime and to protect their hair.

Multi Use
You can use your MANTA ® Healthy Hair Brush:
-When shampooing to gently exfoliate your scalp
-On wet hair to apply a conditioning treatment root to tip
-To blow-dry hair, MANTA ® is heat resistant up to 80°C / 175°F
– Brush regularly on dry hair for minimum breakage and maximum shine
-Ideal for ponytails & hair up

Key Benefits
-Ultra-gentle: Minimum breakage, maximum shine
-Suitable for all hair types and hair extensions
-The more you bend it, the more it flexes Use on wet or dry hair. Non-slip grip
-Anti-static and heat-resistant up to 80°C / 175°F
– With handy travel case