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New ! Multiservice Chair And Pedicure Chair In Loft Fifth Avenue Dubai

salon chair dubai

Our team is very happy to show you our latest Project The Loft Fifth Avenue Dubai Mall. We Made and Designed France the Multiservice chair and Pedicure chair.

The Multi-Service Chair for a manicure, pedicure, facial massage, eyelash extensions. Electrically reclines into facial bed for numerous beauty treatments – eyelash.

Pedicure chairs allow you to pamper your guests with luxurious treatments. High-end materials, quality manufacturing, and incredible style.

salon chair dubai
salon chair dubai

Be inspired by these stunning décor ideas to inspire your own salon design.

Bringing the urban energy and vibrant lights of the city that never sleeps to the Middle East” – We are proud to share images of one of our latest projects @theloftfifthavenue. Founded in 2008 in the heart of the Fashion Avenue district in The Dubai Mall, the Loft Fifth Avenue Hair, Nails & Spa concept quickly became one of the leading beauty fashion hubs in the UAE, with its urban design inspired from Loft apartments of NYC.

The brief from the designer Brand Creative was to elevate the current look and feel to create an edgier and up-to-date interpretation of the NYC loft concept. The fantasy staircase is a key feature in the hair area, setting the perfect scene for Instagram moments.