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Our selection of products from the new Ness range

salon furniture in Dubai

Today we are going to make you a product selection of the best Ness products. Our beauty salon equipment Dubai is not only aimed at the luxurious salon but at the medium-range salon, don’t forget that we offer salon furniture in Dubai for all types of budgets.For us it is important to present this collection, Made in Europe, Both of excellent quality but with a perfect design.

1- Orizon Lounge Chair

This chair is great! for all types of design with clean lines and a geometric shape. This chair is perfect for different styles. This chair has been tested with over 100 hair salons all over the world and has been approved. This chair looks amazing in all colors!salon furniture in Dubai


2- Make Up Chair Eone

This Make up chair is perfect not only super comfortable, it will allow you to provide all the essential services in your hairdressing salon as well as eyelashes, make up. Indeed this chair is not only comfortable, but it is design, if you are looking for a refined design, this chair is the perfect product!

salon furniture in Dubai

3- Backwash units Lewis

This Backwash units Lewis, is just exceptional, very comfortable thanks to its long and rectangular shape, this product is really appreciated by our customers, 100% of our customers tell us satisfied with this product. This product is really the opportunity to have in your hairdressing salon a product Made in Europe and comfortable.

salon furniture in Dubai

This Ness range is our best seller, don’t forget our team has products for all budgets and all types of Design