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Perfect Mix, Every Time

beauty salon equipment

beauty salon equipment

The Ping Colour Blender is the ultimate professional tool for serious colorists. The Ping perfectly blends colour, tint, shades and lightener in an air-tight bowl, enhancing the colour performance by mixing to manufacturers recommendations. Impossible to replicate by hand, this innovative tool creates the perfect consistency, giving a smoother application and enhancing the volume of the product saving you up to 30% of the product used and also cutting down wastage by up to 25%.

Stop wasting time, money and products and enjoy better colour results without all the fumes and mess.

Enhance Your Colour

Will perfectly blend colour, tint, shades or lightener which properly bonds the chemicals, giving you better results every single time.

Save on Product up to 30 % of color products

Mixing your color evenly adds the appropriate level of volume, saving you up to 30% of product. Stylists using The Ping report astounding savings.

Better Consistency for an easier application

When the mix is smooth it not only goes on the hair better, but your application is precise for consistent and even results.

Reduce Wastage

When you use less product, you ultimately rinse fewer chemicals down the drain. You also get consistent mixes every time you push the button, so you can control and track how much product you need each time, ultimately leaving less in the bowl and less you need to recycle.

Healthier for You

Ever stop to wonder how much of your product you inhale? The Ping locks your product in an airtight container, which not only stops excess air being introduced during the mixing process, but it stops you from breathing in excess fumes, odors or powder.