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Take Advantage Of Our Summer Promotion

Take advantage of this promotion for this summer to change your hair salon, summer is really the ideal season to offer you a change in your hair salon.

Remove the partitions from all beauty areas. Refining new protocols around the care, more intimist, more conductive to well-being. Create a few bubbles in the spaces, true sensory cocoon. Well-being in salons will be a real leitmotiv : réinventer le soin. A kinematic of lengthening, new more cocooning services : un scalp massage, warm towel on the eyes, nail service in the tub. A new synergy of global hair and beauty care.

Let’s reinvent the care bubble. ELEGANCE AND TRADITION The Sculptural Paris Collection, while taking up the codes of the new interior layouts: space, individualization of care, the need to disconnect, the need to redefine care bubbles; gives prominence to Art and Sculpture :the elegance of form, volume and relief combined with the simplicity of honeycomb and dreamlike shapes.The moment of revelation is a new step for the customer, which gives to place a mischievous object: the Alcove. . SCULPTURAL PARIS DESIGN by NATHALIE HACKER

We offer you our favorite product


 Scultp  Backwash unit

beauty salon furniture


So bold, voluptuous, and organic. Aspirational comfort and beauty at its finest to relax all the senses.

Make a statement with this bold yet elegant unit boasting full and enveloping lines. A wide comfortable seat with internal armrests.


Anais Salon Chair

beauty salon furniture 

A chair oozing style and character with distinct retro vibes.

Comfortable, durable and eye-catching. Strength and elegance in a timeless Cindarella chair. Very now.

Hair Beauty Network will be delighted to choose your new salon equipment during this promotion