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100% Hygenic Headbed

Is Perfect To Fight The Covid-19 In Your Hair Salon
Spa Furniture Dubai
Spa Furniture Dubai


“Only trust HeadBed head and neck cushion, made from medical grade silicone rubber which can be 100% hygienic, when cleaned in between clients at the shampoo basin.

Now, more than ever, do not use sub-standard silicon neck cushions and certainly not the foam/spongy ones, as the former has minute fissures which trap germs, and the latter is a sponge collecting skin debris and germs. Impossible to clean and disinfect properly.

I see the HeadBed as a safety device really. The neck has to be protected by correctly supporting the weight of the head. Once this is achieved the result is also much greater comfort for the person at the sink! No more strain and pain. The whole experience can become very enjoyable once again.”

The HeadBed is as well universal and can be adapted to all types of basins. 100% of Hair Salon in GCC country are satisfied and will advise other Salon to have it.