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Our 3 Tops Hair Salon Furniture Design Awards


A modern and sleek Hair Salon is ideal if you want to do your business in a place with a Zen atmosphere.

The Kerastase City Walk salon in Dubai is the perfect example to illustrate this type of hair salon decoration.

The glass showcase in the living room shows the trend even before entering the door.

She lets us catch a glimpse of French-inspired furniture, light fixtures with sober lines

The hairdressing stations perfectly highlight our chic and geometric Cubic armchairs. Sobriety is in turn, at the level of backwash unit, with its bold and linear shape.

Salon Furniture Dubai
Salon Furniture Dubai
Salon Furniture Dubai
Salon Furniture Dubai


And if you were planning to create a cozy space in your hair salon decoration?

Like the Coiffirst Petit Champs salon, in which there is, in particular, a space dedicated to relaxation with comfortable padded sofas in which it is good to have a coffee between two hair treatments or to wait in peace.

This salon located in Paris in France also clearly affirms its preferences for the industrial style.

This is reflected in particular by:

  • Luminaires linked together by metal pipes
  • The mixture of metal and wood for certain pieces of furniture
  • Our Styling Chair Manon transparent in Plexi fabric

For this type of hair salon decoration, you will have noticed that the colors are relatively neutral in order to remain consistent with the industrial style.

Also, do not hesitate to bet on wood, metal, or concrete on the material side and on black, chocolate, or gray on the color side to optimize the industrial rendering of your hair salon decoration.

Beauty Salon Furniture
Beauty Salon Furniture


Bianco Hair salon located in Sillicon Oasis is our heart stroke for this year
Bianco’s design was inspired by classic European design of the past century, a style that has never gone out of trend.
Modern architecture and the Haussmannian shape of the wall, show off perfectly our Mademoiselle styling chair, this white and black color reinforces this period spirit
While the design and shape of our white backwashunit, gives an incredible strength to this classic spirit.

Salon Furniture Dubai
Beauty Salon Furniture Dubai