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How and why to use our hair accessories?

hair accessories

Today Hair Beauty Network not only offers beauty salon furniture but also provides innovative accessories, in this article, I will introduce our innovative hair accessories.

1.Manta Brushes

Manta is a must-have in the Middle East for anyone looking for a brush that does not damage the hair or tear the hair out when brushing. This product has the advantage of making the hair ultra shiny and strong. This product has been specially designed to protect your hair and use it to dry your hair or during your care. This product is also practical, it can both be carried during your travels or also in your bag.

2.Alexandre de Paris

A brand quite exceptional or just the Vip wears in the hair, thanks to Emily in Paris, for wearing our products recently, this product is exceptional. Alexandre de Paris will open its doors at Galleria Mall in Abu Dhabi, this brand is just unique, with a rare elegance. These hair accessories are guaranteed for 1 year, and they have the ability not to damage the hair. We also have a variety of collections that are both fashionable and easy to match with your look of the day.

hair accessories

3.Ayaka Scissors

These scissors are cut to perfection and made to do a haircut. Do not forget that to do a haircut it is necessary to have good equipment, in the middle east, haircuts are one of the services that are most popular in social networks. A good haircut will help you have a satisfied and loyal customer.

4.Eco Head

Hair Beauty Network also offers you an accessory for backwash units, this product will allow you to have magnificent hair during treatments or colors performed with your customers. This product is revolutionary, it filters the water and saves you water consumption inside your Hair Salon.


An exceptional product, which will allow you in a few minutes to save your tube of color and have a better result for the color of your customers. Try this product you will not be disappointed; our team is at your disposal to give you a demonstration of your product.

beauty salon hair accessories
beauty salon hair accessories
beauty salon hair accessories