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Our 4 favorite products

beauty salon furniture

Today all our teams are delighted to present our favorite beauty salon furniture for this month. These products that we have decided to classify as our favorite for their design and comfort. Despite our extensive salon furniture products, we have selected the perfect products for your hair salon. Come on, we’re not going to make you wait any longer and present to you the different favorite beauty salon equipment.

beauty salon furniture

The Sculpt

And yes the sculpt remains without a doubt our flagship beauty salon equipment products, if you want to impress your customers, now is the time, the design close to a blooming flower, will give a warm and stylish effect to your Space . This sculpt is the perfect Hair Salon furniture, the seat are ultra comfortable, this bubble effect thanks to its shape will give a guaranteed relaxation effect for your customers. This product will require a lot of space. But the rendering is exceptional. You can discover this collection in detail on our website

 The Anais Chair styling

The Anais chair is a new product, which is just perfect, thanks to its rounded shape, this styling chair will provide you with incredible comfort. This brand-new design is absolutely magnificent, for an incredible seat for your customers, thanks to its rounded side. for the backs of your customers. This product is available in over 100 colors, both masculine and feminine. Its design can be used for barbers and women’s hair salons. This brand-new model has already been used for around thirty hairdressing salons all over the world.

beauty salon furniture
beauty salon furniture

 The James styling chair

The James styling chair, this chair is exceptional, its rectangular shape is just perfect, a novelty in our products, The watchword for this product is simplicity, a pretty armchair that took inspiration from Brooklyn as well as Nordic sobriety. This product is quite comfortable thanks to its geometric shape. If you are looking to showcase a New York or urban design. The James chair is the product for you. This chair will allow you to have different design lines that you cannot find anywhere.

Watson Stlying Chair

This chair really made an impression in Paris with its design, close to the 1960s. This chair is a preview of the hairdressing market. Never seen before… A diamond-shaped chair, this chair is not only design but it is very comfortable, if you want to have a French and soft design, then this chair collection is perfect for your hairdressing salon

For any request for hairdressing equipment, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to help you.

beauty salon furniture