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How to find the best hair salon equipment in the GCC area?


1-Where to buy
The first question to ask when you open your hair salon is where to buy your beauty salon furniture in Dubai. Which supplier offers the best designs, the best quality. Certainly you will be tempted to buy made in China or low cost products, but that is a mistake, it is better to have quality and long-lasting beauty salon equipment, don’t forget that salon furniture is a also an indispensable resource and business tool for your hair salon
2-Book your appointment with the sales team
Then the second point is to know what type of beauty salon equipment and the quantities you need. The third question is then to find the place, make sure that the person in charge of sales is then available for you that you do not wait too long before having an answer and that the place is easy to find. Our sales team always book an appointment with you beforehand. Our showroom is located in an accessible location with parking and reserved spaces
3-Research about your supplier
Obviously, it is preferable that if you buy spa furniture or beauty salon furniture in Dubai or GCC, it would be better for you to study the different suppliers beforehand, especially their presence on the market if they have had their showroom for a long time, who their clients were. Our team of Hair Beauty Network specialists has been present for more than 10 years on all the GCC market but also 60 years in Paris. The company has a factory that produces salon furniture from A to Z. Each material is correctly chosen and selected with European suppliers
4-Check the guarantee
There is also an essential point that you must not forget, it is the guarantee. A backwash unit, a salon chair must absolutely have a guarantee in order to ensure the best service for your customers. A product that does not work can slow down your business significantly, especially if you have a leak.
5-Check the comfort
The most important also in your choice for your salon equipment will be on the comfort and also the design don’t forget that the competition in the GCC is just enormous there are multiple salons with services, hairdressers with prices as good as the one than the other. Take an interest in our products with Hair Beauty Network, Each product is designed so that your technicians carry out their services with complete peace of mind.

And finally it is important that you feel comfortable with the sales team who will sell your salon furniture, you must be free to communicate with the team about your budget, your project, the technicalities of the product you want.