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Hair Salon Design With Amazing Interior Ideas


When you open your Hair Salon, the first point you will look at is the design. Design plays a very important role in the reputation and success of your hair salon. A Hair Salon that is well decorated is a place where your customers feel comfortable and also pampered.

1- Choice of the light and the walls
The design goes first through the light and also the color of your ceiling and walls, it is obviously necessary to decide to have a perfectly lit Hair Salon, which is then an obligation in order to see the result correctly of the make-up, the colors of your clients. Then for the colors of your walls and ceiling try to go with rather light colors if you want a rather refined Hair Salon or darker colors for a more New York or Urban style.

2- The waiting area
The first space is the waiting area which must be a favorite because it is the first place that your customers see, it must be perfectly clean or colorful, you must initially provide your customers with retail products, in a clean way, with a nice presentation, full shelves. Then for the reception area it is essential to have a cash desk that is not too big which will allow your receptionist to communicate freely with all customers.
And finally, it is better to have comfortable chairs or sofas for a comfortable wait. With obviously a coffee table to put the hot drinks that you offer to your customers. Do not hesitate to put sofas with strong or pastel colors to give a design and cozy effect. Our team can then offer you the entire “Evolution collection” which offers retail furniture, a reception desk that is both quality, modern but also adapted to your space.

3- Hair Style area
The second space is the hairstyle, obviously have the same type of chair and mirror for all this space, offer different chair shapes. Then you have to take into account the mirrors, they must be both modern and large, do not make the mistake of choosing mirrors that are too small, the client will not feel comfortable seeing the result. The Hair Beauty Network team can offer you a wide choice of chair dubai salons: with a French and modern design.
For this hairdressing space, light plays a role in your hairdressing space, do not put too much light and do not have a corner that is too dark, try to have a happy medium

4- Shampoo Area
The third space is then the shampoo and treatment space, try to have backwash unit with good functioning and pretty shapes, The products from the”Cindarella Paris” Collection will offer you a wide choice of products, in particular the “Philosophy”range, It is a both wide and fully comfortable for your customers and your hairdressers. The objective of our teams is to create comfortable backwash unit not only for the customers but also for the technical team.

5- VIP Room
The fourth space that is important to have is ” the VIP room “, which ” says VIP says dream” , you must make your customers dream , offer them a unique space , in particular ultra modern and comfortable back wash units evoked beforehand with the” Collection Philosophy or Mademoiselle”, having luxurious and modern beauty salon equipment is essential in this space.

6- Massage Area
And finally, the fifth space is the massage area, body care, favor a comfortable massage table for your clients and technicians, use warmer colors for the walls with warmer and dim lights. Choose a wide massage table for that it is suitable for any type of morphology.

For the design of your hair salon, there are two things to consider decoration and beauty salon equipment. The two complement each other and will make a magnificent result for your hair salon.