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New Brushes And Scissors Available

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New Arrival Pyrhus Brushes

Pyrhus brushes are made of teak wood and a combination of boar and synthetic bristles.

Handle has been carefully carved to prevent slippery when rotating the brushes into the hand.

When curling hair, it is sometimes necessary to have dry hand in order to optimize the work. The holes that can be seen on the handle are made purposely to dry the hand (the hot blast from the hair dryer circulate into the brush and get to the hand through the holes).

On the head part, the combination of nylon and boar bristle is a big part of giving glossiness to the hair. To describe more precisely, the nylon parts hair, allowing smaller segments to reach the boar bristles making the work smoother and quick.

They are described as “quart twist” brushes as they only need the wrist to make a quarter rotation in order to get a good grip on hair.

Pyrus brushes comes into 4 different diameters:

  • 35 / 40 mm gives more precision and offer smaller curls with good tension on hair.
  • 50 / 60 mm are bigger and will elevate more hair. The result will be bigger curls with less tension.
best beauty salon equipment

Pyrhus 30

best beauty salon equipment

Pyrhus 40

best beauty salon equipment

Pyrhus 50