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New Hair Dressing Scissors

Beauty Salon Equipment dubai

At Hair Beauty Network, we guarantee you the best, stylish & professional hairdressing scissors. Hand crafted and forged from superior Japanese quality steel.

Discover in exclusivity our 3 Favorite Scissors Ayaka to have in your Hair Salon.

Beauty Salon Equipment


AYAKA TAN : Versatile Ergonomic Shears
Available with different sizes (from 5.5 inches to 7.0 inches), these shears are exceptional allies when it comes to point cut with the maximum comfort.
The cutaway handle shapes the thumb giving more stability and control when cutting. The handle is an enhanced version of the normal offset handle as it does take care of the wrist on top of the elbow and the shoulder.
The blade is not too thin and not too thick which allows cutting around the ear or on the neck precisely. It also features enough power to cut across thick hair in the 7.0 inches version.

Finally, the titanium coating prevents any allergy due to the contact of the steel.

AYAKA AD30T : Curved Teeth Thinner

The offset handle improve posture when cutting, reducing hassle and stress to the elbow and shoulder.
The integrated finger rest gives more stability when cutting.
Curved Teeth
These shears features 30 curved teeth which enter into the hair easily for an efficient cut.
As opposed to the straight teeth, the curved teeth follow the movement when cutting which allow them  to penetrate hair easily.
The popularity of this model comes also from the standard cutting ratio : 30% of the hair.

Beauty Salon Equipment dubai
Beauty Salon Equipment


AYAKA AD: Cobalt for Barbers
Made with VG-10 Cobalt, the Ayaka AD makes every cut smooth.
Available in 6.5 and 7.0 inches, the long blade has been forged mainly for barbers and men’s hairdresser.
Long blade allow them to work efficiently and faster when doing fade cut and scissors over comb.
This scissors features a ball bearing screw which improve the smoothness and optimize the contact between the blades.