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Perfect Mix And Color With Ping

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We all know how important it is to mix colour correctly. Not doing so can result in poor coverage and unhappy clients. These days, the trend to use a plethora of colours or products to make the condition of client’s hair better has meant that mixing products to provide the correct texture and avoid inconsistent coverage has become slightly more challenging.

Kelly Smith, owner of Vivid Trendz Studio in Knoxville, Tennessee, told ECOHEADS that 95% of her clientele request colour services. Kelly believes it’s crucial to have a consistent mix and never cut corners when it comes to a colour treatment. Kelly says, “It needs to be blended and creamy so the product just glides on effortlessly.” She continued by saying it’s the only way to ensure you get a consistent result through the entire head so you can disregard the length and thickness of hair.

Instagram Influencer and Pulp Riot advocate Hannah Menor from Mix Co Salon in San Diego, agrees with Kelly. Hannah is a huge advocate of the Ping and specialises in applying cocktails of both bright and pastel tones to colour treated hair. She needs to have a consistent mix whilst providing a true colour with an easy and fast application.

Hannah warns, “If you are going for even colour, you can’t have partial mixes.” She continued by saying, “When using a mixer like Ping, you are guaranteed to get the same texture and quantity of mix every time”, rather than relying on the amount of effort you put into hand mixing. “You can then make your formulas more exact to match hair length and thickness, meaning less product wastage and less time having to go remix.”

A recent study of stylists who started using the Ping in early 2019 found that 88% agreed it provided a creamier mix while 82% described superior application and 64% reported an increase in volume to their formula.

As an Olaplex Educator and Advocate, Kelly, usually blends colours and adds Olaplex to all her formulas. She isn’t keen on mixing by hand in a bowl, nor does she have time to do this, and insists the results have helped her become one of the most successful stylists in her neighbourhood.

Kelly explained that in the same way she would never mix a cake by hand she wouldn’t mix her colour by hand. “I couldn’t guarantee that the products had mixed fully or were aerated to the required level. You can’t have inconsistency with colour, especially when using vivid shades”, says Kelly.

The Ping has given Kelly and Hannah the freedom to play with colour mixes and provide smooth, consistent blends to work with. It gives a more generous mix that guarantees easy application and better coverage.

Hannah admits she always uses her Ping mixer as it gives her the exact consistency she needs for every application so that her formulas don’t need to change. “It leaves the mix so smooth”, said Hannah. “It glides on easier and goes further, saving me time and money.”

While manufacturers are doing their bit to make products easy to mix, stylists are finding that automatic mixers are the only way to go when looking for high quality and consistent results every time.