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Top Salon Project In Dubai Hair Salon Lutetia

salon furniture and design

By its very definition, the hair and beauty industry is all about presentation. That means that your salon will often be judged on its looks. A lot of thought needs to be put into the design if you are renovating or starting a new salon.

Today’s top salons are stunning in their designs and interiors. There are a lot of factors that make the interiors of the salon look WOW. The décor, beauty salon furniture, color combinations, lighting, and many more things are required to attract the clients and give the salon a stylish look.

Today we wanted to show you our favorite project: Hair Salon Lutetia in Dubai

It subtly represents every woman’s dream of a tranquility haven, where your most delicate beauty bits get treated along with having your favorite drink.

The high-end interior design is inspired by the abstraction of sleek geometrical shapes with the mixture of metallic elements, and blush-pinkie tones dominating the interior as the soul of the space.

Hair Beauty Network Furnitures are much more convincing if you experience them live!

For this Hair Salon, We selected our MADEMOISELLE, the eponymous styling chair of the collection, design by Nathalie HACKER. Harmonious lines of refined elegance, sleek shapes of a cozy space will highlight the visual identity of your bespoke salon decoration.

salon furniture and design

Our second Selection in our hairdressing equipment is our  Babylone Mirror : favorite choice with designers, architects and users because it combines gorgeous styling with smart design.

We offer a top selection of hair salon products for our clients.

salon furniture and design
salon furniture and design