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Stay Safe, During This Ecomomic Break To Create Or Refresh Your Hair Salon Design

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The concept of hair salon decoration is more than ever up to date.

Indeed, what could be better than being able to exercise your profession with passion in a pleasant setting and in perfect adequacy with your requirements and your personality?

This article is for you if:

  • You have just acquired a new place that you would like to adapt to your image by taking inspiration from the latest trends in decoration
  • You simply want to breathe new life into your existing living room


A new hair salon decoration cannot be improvised overnight and it is normal that many questions will come to your mind.

So where do you start? But above all, how do you determine the style of choice for your future hair salon decoration?


Before you start it will be essential to predefine the style you want to adopt for your hair salon decoration, whether it is:

  • Retro
  • Modern
  • Design
  • Industrial
  • Eclectic
best salon designers


You will then need to be interested in the choice of colors or materials, particularly with regard to the floor, which is particularly sought after in the hairdressing activity.

For example: should I prefer tiling or waxed concrete for the floor of my living room rather than parquet in order to get a benefit in terms of the time I will spend maintaining it?



Finally come the furniture and decorative items that will set the tone for the style of your hair salon decoration.

Indeed, the furniture and objects you choose to perfect the decoration of your hair salon will be important, from the seat where your customers will sit to wait while enjoying a drink and their favorite magazine in the chair where they have their hair styled through the reception counter or the shelves to highlight your products.



In terms of decoration, first of all, look at the lighting.

Take into account that there should be plenty of light in certain key positions in your living room, especially the one where you will handle scissors and clippers!

On the other hand, you can choose it more felted at the level of the shampoo tanks.

This will provide your customers with the most appreciable comfort, especially when applying leave-on treatments.

Also think of bright letters for accent lighting that is off the beaten track in every way.


Regarding the mirrors, if you opt for a retro style, the dressing room or barber mirrors will be quite suitable.

Conversely, mirrors with graphic lines will easily find their place in a designer hair salon decoration.

Once these essential points have been addressed, you will then have plenty of time to devote yourself to the small decoration of your living room.

You can decorate it with singular objects, photo frames or posters in line with the style of your new hair salon decoration.

Design hairdressing decoration is aimed at the most demanding in the matter  who want a setting worthy of the name for their salon.

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