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The Scultp Collection Has Finally Arrived

Beauty Salon Equipment

Finally, our Scultp collection has finally arrived in Dubai, straight from France, this collection of backwash unit and styling chair makes you want to pamper your customers in these models.

This model is just unique, never seen on the middle east market in terms of design and comfort. This collection of beauty salon equipment will give you a unique breath of fresh air in your hair salon.


This model was created by one of the best French designers: Nathalie Hacker

SO BOLD, very alveolar, very dreamlike, very organic. A splendid setting of softness and beauty. The new sensory parenthesis bubble of Well-being and care at the baccalaureate.

An impression of immensity, a strong and soft signature of space all in light and enveloping lines. A wide and comfortable seat with interior armrests.

Customer Review

“This product has an absolutely fantastic design and innovation, all customers are blown away by the shape and comfort of this product, as well as the backwash unit and the chair. I highly recommend this product in your hairdressing salon.”

Do not hesitate to contact our sales team if you need more information about this product, you will have the possibility of choosing more than 100 colors and an exceptional quality of after-sales service. Our beauty salon furniture is made and designed in France.

Beauty Salon Equipment
Beauty Salon Equipment