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Which Decor To Choose For Your Hair Salon?

When you are going to open or renovate your hairdressing salon, the first reflex for you is to look for the latest colors or the latest decorating trends. In this article I will present to you the different themes of hair salon designs that our team has been able to carry out in the middle east region.

A hair salon needs not only a design that catches the eye but also to have beauty salon equipment design. Unfortunately, the competition is intense in the Middle East region.

1-The Feminine and refined hairdressing salon

The first being the Wave lounge located in Abu Dhabi, this lounge is just magical with a haven of peace and the possibility of truly relaxing. Our team was delighted to participate in this project, the design is just beautiful. Let’s start with the lights, the designer used dim lights to give a cocoon effect to the space. Then the choice of the color of the walls is just sublimated a mixture of beige a little praline, all with our beauty salon furniture. The shapes chosen with our Bloom pedicure and our Mademoisselle chairs are just magnificent.

The second is the Pony Tail Salon using the predominant pink in this salon. Our beauty salon equipment in pink color with our pedicure chair from the Bloom range gives a boost to the salon. The use of mirror enlarges the space. And the use of lights illuminates the space, and gives a relaxing and warm feeling

2- The Urban and American hair salon

We are very proud to have participated in the Loft Fifth in Dubail Mall project, this Hair Salon is unique in the Middle East, a real urban design with a vibrant urban energy, Created in 2008 in the heart of Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall has quickly become a pioneer hair salon in the United Arab Emirates.

The objective of this design was to give a boost to the current look of the hair salon, with the aim of having a design and New York atmosphere. The idea of setting up stairs is a reminder of the jazzy universe. Our Pedicure Chair fits perfectly with the design of the hair salon

3 – Trendy Hair Salon

We fell in love with this Salon Hair Principle, A hair salon with an idyllic decoration and different from all the hair salons we have been able to do. The Salon makes us travel to another world. The geometric shapes of the mirrors and the white color of the walls are a real pleasure for the eyes. The choice of the apple green color for the Chairs in our Philosophy Range is a perfect combination with the chosen design. And finally, the choice of our backwash units, their shapes fit perfectly with the design and identity of the Hair Salon

Don’t forget the importance of having a pretty decor but also of having a beautiful design. Your beauty salon equipment will play an essential role .

Choose a décor that suits you and is also in line with the design trends of the middle east market.