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How to choose the perfect Backwash unit?

Are you planning to open a hair salon in the Middle East region or renovate your hair salon. The backwash unit is the key point of your beauty salon equipment.

Many elements are to be taken into account in the choice of the backwash unit. In particular the size, the comfort, the design but also the guarantee. Our Hair Beauty Network Team can offer you a wide range and choice of backwash units that are both comfortable, stylish and of excellent quality.

The backwash unit is an essential element to ensure the proper functioning of your salon, a leak or a backwash unit that does not work for any reason will then be a big loss for your hair salon.

Here are the 5 points to watch carefully when buying your backwash unit:

1- Budget

Defining your budget is clearly important, investing in the design is very good but investing in your backwash unit is essential.

When it comes to beauty salon furniture in the middle east region you will have a wide choice of back wash units, indeed it is tempting to take salon equipment at a very cheap price. But pay attention to the comfort aspect but also to the technical aspect, many customers come back to us and tell us that they have regretted having bought low quality products because the repairs and damage caused in their business, have told them more expensive than buying a good quality product.

2- Consider the space

Of course it is important for you to consider the space you will have to place these backwash units. It is important to know how many backwash units you can put inside this space, having an average number of 4 to 5 backwash units is the perfect number to ensure your services and profitability for your hair salon in complete peace of mind.

3- Keep Design in mind

Make sure the backwash unit is in line with the design you have chosen with your designer, choose a shape that suits the identity of your Hair Salon. It is also necessary that you select a color for your back according to the design and tones of the hairdresser. Hair Beauty Network can then offer you more than 100 colors for your hair salon.

4- Comfort

The goal of a client when he comes to do his care in your hairdressing salon is to have a moment of relaxation. There is nothing worse for your client to be on your back and counting the minutes and moving during all the treatment, the effort will then be considerable for the technician. Do not hesitate to come to our showrooms located in Dubai and also in Saudi Arabia to try our different products.

5- Aesthetic

Choose a backwash unit that complements your ambiance or even your decor.  Also favor dark colors, backwash units with light colors can easily stain. So go for darker colors which are trendier colors and easier to preserve over time.

For any request do not hesitate to contact us our team is there to answer all your questions and will accompany you throughout your project.