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Beauty Consultancy An Essential Start For Hair Salon

Hair Salon equipment

1- Local registration with the Government
Opening a hairdressing salon is an activity in high demand in the Emirates, but be careful this hairdressing salon must be profitable and a business that works. The first step is then to register your hair salon with the local government, as soon as your salon is registered you can of course decide where to set up your hair salon.

2- The location
The location plays an important role in small neighborhoods of communities you will risk having a much larger client than in the malls which is above all a tourist customer. Be careful not to settle next to several hairdressing salons, try to find a perfect place to settle down, a frequent place and also with not too many competitors around you.

3- Marketing
Then your communication, in the GCC country goes through social networks above all and your website, it is impossible for you to create a hair salon without having created your Instagram page or your website as well as your google location. These points are essential if you want to exist, you must therefore have strong digital communication tools. The objective for you is to be regular through these communication tools. Not having these tools or neglecting to update them is a big mistake.
In your social network page, do not hesitate to show your latest haircuts, your latest colors. Make at least 3-4 posts and stories per week. For your website, do not hesitate to go through agencies to reference your hair salon. That is to say that when your client searches for a hair salon, you will appear in the first searches on google

4- Strong Team
The other important point to also see for your Hair Salon is to have a shock team. Put the budget in your team, take your team as a resource, value them and give them a reasonable salary that will allow you to keep your good elements “your talents”. An employee who is not happy will necessarily play on performance of your results. Don’t forget that a bad employee is very expensive for the company. Have a competent team capable of providing impeccable service from reception to massage and hairdressing. Finally, it is important to have a responsible manager who will manage your salon perfectly, you cannot be present in your salon 24/24.
Then training is an essential element, train your teams in all new coloring products, treatments, also do regular training on haircuts, the products you have in retail, massage techniques, the relationship and communication to adopt with customers

5- Design and Hair Salon Equipment
And to finish the design of the hair salon as well as your beauty salon equipment must be breathtaking. In beauty salon equipment, I strongly recommend Hair Beauty Network, with a wide range of beauty salon equipment for all budgets. And to finish the design, obviously choose a good designer who understands your expectations and do not hesitate to propose a clean and minimalist design which are the latest trends for the year 2023

Hair Salon equipment
Hair Salon equipment