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How to choose the Best Styling Chair?

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The styling chair is an essential element in your beauty salon equipment, it is the essential tool for the hairdresser to ensure haircuts, blow dry
The first thing is evaluated is what types of design you want for your hair salon chair Dubai:

1-The design choice:
Rather round shape that we can offer you with our Mademoiselle or Tal armchair giving a rather cocoon, feminine effect
Then a slightly wider shape with the Philosophy chair with a more rectangular shape but very comfortable with very marked lines
Another rectangular and round shape that can be an idea for your hairdressing salon with the Aubade chair, completely futuristic and original, the rendering in the hairdressing salon is just magnificent
Then a completely different type of styling chair is that made of Plexi material which can give an ultra-modern look but at the same time retro allowing you to have a clean and modern design.
Try to combine the atmosphere and the colors according to the identity you want to give

2-The choice of colors:
The colors are important elements in the choice of your Hair Salon, your beauty equipment will give a strong identity to your space.
You can go for darker, gray colors if you want to give a much more urban or Spa effect.
The choice of warm colors or peps like red, pink will give a very feminine spirit to your hairdressing salon
And finally the more beige and clear tones are colors that invite relaxation and make you want to stay cocooned in your hairdressing salon.

3- The technicality of the styling chair
Then the extremely important point for your salon chair dubai is obviously the technical aspect that makes up a styling chair
– The first very important element is the backrest which will allow the client to stand up straight without great effort, if your client is constantly moving or moving it means that he does not feel comfortable and therefore he will be very difficult for your technicians to perform quality services. For more comfort for your customers you can also buy a styling chair with armrests
– The second element to take into account is the seat, it is essential to have a very comfortable seat knowing that the client will remain on the backrest for several hours. For you it is important to try the seat, do not hesitate to come to the hair salon furniture showroom. See if you feel comfortable with the seat
– The third element is the base: Indeed the base can give a touch of originality, at Hair Beauty Network we have different shapes, stars, rounds, spider

The right choice of your styling chair is therefore essential, do not hesitate to contact our Hair Beauty Network team



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